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Top Ten Attendance of All Time

April 8th, 2024
# Name Total Meetings Practices Alarms Years
1Charles Malik5,6375471,3863,70446 Years
2Danny Denson2,6823227551,60534 Years 5 Months
3Jimmy Loya Sr.2,1252916711,16333 Years 3 Months
4Stephen Serna1,87231563991832 Years 1 Month
5John Wiatrek Jr.1,7992785181,00328 Years 6 Months
6Adolph Boelter Sr.1,74833769471733 Years 9 Months
7John Pfeil1,71733666971234 Years 2 Months
8Monica Quintanilla1,6231303751,11810 Years 11 Months
9Fletcher Kuhnel Jr.1,53723150380328 Years 5 Months
10Jesse Morin1,52816438597915 Years